Vessel Performance Monitoring

Vessel Performance Monitoring

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  • GDAS Vessel Performance module allows the Owner/Operator to view the vessel performance statistics report in comparison with terms& conditions and agreed values of the Charter Party terms.

  • The system has been integrated with the Noon or Voyage report messages received from the vessel on each vessel positioning update.

  • These reports are automatically filled into the DAMS application, which generates a comprised, customized Noon or Voyage Vessel Report. Based on the received advanced Noon report, system automatically generates and displays the Voyage report.

  • Any deviations from the specified Charterer Party values (speed, consumption) with the received Noon or Voyage reports are compared and identified by the system. For any manual corrections the operations team dedicated for monitoring vessel performance will follow up with the master / vessel operator for update.

  • The vessel operator has the accessibility to amend the Charterer Party data of every vessel whenever voyage changes. Operator can also modify the advanced Noon report if any changes.

  • GDAS has linked Vessel Performance Report with Maps to locate the vessel positioning based on Noon report. The various points in mapping will also enables the operator to deduct the path traversed by the vessel from the last port of call.

  • Advanced version of Noon reports are generated using VPDA (Vessel Performance Desktop Application) which can be installed on the vessel. Ship crew can enter the details explicitly related to the noon in a simple & standard format and submit the report. This report is then saved and generated into a email which is been sent across to GDAS specified email ID’s, and it can be further uploaded into Vessel Performance Module

  • Various Graphs are retrieved from the Noon reports to analyze fuel oil consumption of a vessel while steaming, in laden/ballast passage, in a specific voyage etc.

  • Alerts are generated automatically by the system for the specified users at scheduled intervals if Noon or Voyage reports not received from the vessel.

  • Advanced search and filter options are available throughout the Vessel Performance module to acquire appropriate results.