Laytime Calculation

Laytime Calculation

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GDAS provides an integrated Laytime calculation module along with the Disbursement account processing. Our system allows you to calculate the approximate time allowed for the vessel for performing activity on the port.

  • The DAMS application has an inbuilt Laytime calculation system for Laytime, Demurrage and Dispatch calculation based on the SOF provided by the agent at the time of FDA submission.

  • SOF generated by the system is a complete time sheet with automatic detection of day breaks, demurrage opening time, etc. Multiple DA’s of particular voyages under particular time frame can be combined and analyzed in this module. The operator also has the advantage to input SOF details from his end and stimulate a calculation from their own end.

  • The application allows the use to calculate Less Time Allowed on the port directly or automatically by the system itself. Deductions, Address Commission (%), Demurrage/Dispatch rate per day or range are also included while calculating the Laytime.

  • For every activity the user can input remarks / comments parallel for references. There is also an option to freeze the entered calculation to avoid further modifications to it.

  • The application is compatible to include attachments from user ends and also printed out copies of the calculations can be made.

  • On the update of SOF, the Laytime calculator can function on its own being independent of the availability or unavailability of the DA. Hence Laytime calculation can be employed as an independent product as well.