Disbursement Account Processing

Disbursement Account Processing

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Disbursement accounting through our very own DAMS application has been made plain to manage and adaptable. Entire work flow including cost verification, budget creation, rebilling and follow up with agents has been automated and standardized through the application and our SOP

  • Portcall initiation-
    When the vessel operator intends to create a portcall for an upcoming voyage, the DAMS application enables them to choose the agent preferred, the contracts/agreements available at that particular port along with the basis details of the call to be filled it. The appointment instructions are system fed and saved, which are displayed at the time of Portcall creation to the operator, along with modifiable option. The operator can also request PDA from 2 or more agents to compare, choose the most competitive price and then appoint the agent. Vessel operator gets to choose from the list of vessels they handle from a database of both active and inactive vessels.

  • DA submission-
    The agent submits the disbursement account for a portcall through two stages:-

  • 1) Proforma DA, where an estimate of expenses which would incur for the portcall in the GDAS system through our standard format provided.
  • 2) Final DA, where the complete accountsalong with the relevant invoices to support the expenses incurred in the GDAS system.
  • The system provides accessibility to raise additional or missed out expenses at both stages even after their submission and approval, at PDA through Additional Payment Request Application and at FDA through Supplementary DA

  • Screening-
    At GDAS we have a SOP of two tier screening of DA and then a Quality check to ensure the PDA/ FDA / SDA / APR / Vendor invoices submitted to the principle are valid and justified.
    We do intensive scrutiny of every cost item raised against the port tariff, competitive pricing, to abide by the operator instructions before submission.
    The team at GDAS also do tireless follow ups between each stages to evoke response from agent to reduce the time span of individual DA process. In order to follow up the Agents on PDA/ FDA & SOF submission and to inform the operator’s beforehand on charterer costs DA’s & VI’s, we have scheduled auto generated email alerts, which will be dispatched to the respective user.

  • Post DA services-
    Our team also provides post DA service where any details of the past paid calls are required by the operator for verification or records purpose. Our report systems can be customized to arrange reports as requested and our team specialists will also provide full analysis on any report to guide the principle.
    We handle the hard copies of the DA’s and its invoices, communication for a standard period of 7 years, which can be customized as per requirement as well.

  • Add on features

  • Currency Exchange-
    DAMS application has been built to depict the DA’s under preferred currency with automated currency conversion factor (ROE) fixed. Differences between the Quoted, Screened and Agreed currency can be accessed in the application as well.

  • Inter-Intra Messaging-
    Operator can communicate with GDAS or Agent at any point of the DA process by Query & Message features just by an easy click which results in automated emails generated.

  • Allocation of cost-
    Vessel Operator has the feasibility to split and allocate the individual cost items under various headers for Owners, charterers, cargo related cost etc. as per their department specification or auditing requirement.

  • Reports-
    DAMS application provides a rich set of reporting features enabling the vessel operators to track or analyses the Disbursement and associated cost portcalls made month wise, expenses incurred vessel wise or department wise etc.

  • Vendor Invoices -
    Vendor invoices raised by the suppliers and vendors under contract with the principle can be handled as an integrated part of the DA or separately. When a portcall is initiated an auto alert will be dispatched to the service provider with the port call details and agent details informing the upcoming voyage.

  • DA sharing-
    If the vessel has been shared between two different parties say charterers and head owners, then the application allows the principle to select the vessel sharing option where the charges relevant for the other party for a particular vessel will be shown. DA sharing feature also allows two more parties to view their part of expenses under a particular DA.